We don't just develop apps and websites, we develop your business

Bull Software is a design and development agency specializing in mobile and web applications that meet the specific needs of your unique users.

Our user experience design team works directly with our clients to intimately understand their business objectives and needs of their unique users.

With direct access to our development and engineering teams, we’ll guide you through today’s digital landscape to find the best solution for your user base including: iOS and Android applications, cross-platform Xamarin development, beacon implementation, and a variety of backend and web languages necessary to power top-tier products.


Here are some features of a site made by our agency:
A responsive design ensures that visitors can browse the site in optimal conditions. From your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the site will be displayed perfectly.
Do you need a personalized logo and identity as your company scale? Get in touch with us to receive a business card, business card or banner.
Does the company have a Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin account? We deal with their association with your site. Otherwise, we can provide services to make the related pages.
We offer 100% optimized SEO solutions that we can then easily promote. We ensure optimal indexing in Google, a clean source code and excellent loading speed.
Fast Loading Page
Quick uploading of a site is a real goal for our agency. Based on the SEO department audit, we will maximize every page of your site.
Each website has an administration panel included to quickly and efficiently manage the pages, images and other information displayed on your site.
The image gallery module is free for any site you create and allows you to place an unlimited number of pictures on the site. Galleries, slides, or product catalogs.
The site creation package includes the creation of a quality contact page. We incorporate the map to define the location of the company, include a contact form and other details.
Do you want your business to be featured in Google Maps? We help you get this benefit and we will initiate a request guaranteeing the listing on the activity map of the city.

+ other quality features and services:

Integralize a modern blog with the same design as the main site to be able to publish news, news inside the company or special offers.
Our solution is completely manageable and includes the ability to add, edit or delete pages very easily. Unlimited pages and articles for your business !.
Making the site is just a simple step in this road to your company's online success. The promotional department guarantees free advice !.
To solve any problem you encounter in a timely manner, we have a team of technicians providing real-time support, both by email and by phone.
By using your company domain, we will set up an e-mail of the form for a truly professional identity - personalized email for free !.
Are you planning to create one or more image galleries on the site? There is no restriction from this point of view - you can upload any images you want to display on the site !.
What is maintenance? We call it a guarantee, the guarantee that your company's website will always be functional and ready to provide visitors with the information they are looking for.
You have a warranty of up to one year for any site made by BULL SOFTWARE. Updates and quick interventions are provided for technical problems.

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Did not found what you were looking for? Message us and see what we can do. Nothing is impossible at Bull Software !


With users tied to their mobile devices, we help businesses reach customers directly into the palm of their hands. Create an app where you can take your business where ever you are.

Benefits of Your Business Going Mobile

Engage & Support Customers
Use your mobile app to continuously be on the forefront of your customers minds. Allow them to check their accounts, order online and engage with customer support directly from their phones to you.
Go Paperless & Digitalise
Do away with all the clunky forms and go paper free. We can help you convert your process and data collection forms into a mobile application that can be taken on the road and then submitted back to a centralised database for collection and processing.
Create a Digital Economy
Generate revenue from your mobile app and create a digital eco system from scratch whether that be the next 'Kimoji' to in app purchases for the next photo or video editing application.

How We Help

We start with the goal of the project and the best approach to design and build the new mobile app. There are many ways to build an app and we'll work with your existing infrastructure to determine the ideal process.
Mobile Application Design
The team will create high quality design assets for your new app. We'll determine the style, how it will function and how it will work for your users.
Mobile Application Development
The mobile development team will create and test the app. Once all parties are happy, we'll distribute it to the App store for users to start playing.

3. IoT Solutions & IoT Connectivity

Securely connect devices, analyze real-time and historical data, and integrate to back-end applications.

Internet of things (IoT) is a novel concept that allows a number of devices to be connected throughthe Internet. Such devices can be sensors/actuators which are able to operate and transmit data without orwith minimal human intervention.

IoT has brought a great influence to many areas, and there have beenmany IoT applications implemented such as healthcare, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing .However, the development of IoT is facing many challenges especially for data management . Dueto the special characteristics of IoT systems and services, e.g., heterogeneous large-scale architecture, diverse and enormous data, traditional data management approaches may become intractable such that new solutions are required.

Architecture of IoT

Physical layer
Is composed of smart devices, e.g., sensors and actuators, that interact and/or gatherdata from the physical entities, e.g., environment and human
Network and communication layer
Provides data communications and networking infrastructure totransfer data collected from devices at the physical layer to the data center.
Data center layer
Provides infrastructures to support data storage and processing to meet requirementsof IoT applications
Service layer
Is a set of software that provides services to IoT users

With an idea to connect everything to the Internet, IoT has brought a variety of benefits. The majorbenefits are to improve system efficiency and user satisfaction, enhance flexibility, safety, and security,and finally open new business opportunity and revenue stream